The Workshop @ Sydney Free

The Workshop @ Sydney Free serves many customers who require equestrian and non-equestrian repairs to be carried out.

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Close-up of leather straps

Master Saddler

Nigel Higgs working on a saddle

Nigel Higgs, our Master Saddler and saddle fitter, is one of the original Cirencester Saddlers who has been working in the town for over 35 years. He apprenticed with Hayes Saddlery in the Cirencester market place before starting with Sydney Free when the current shop opened. He has a fine reputation for all aspects of leatherwork in the local equestrian community. Learn from our Master Saddler in the Knowledge Base

The Workshop Team

As our workshop expands we have other Saddle and Harness makers joining the repairs and saddlery team to ensure all repairs are completed and we meet your expectations. Looking forward into 2014 we are likely to have another saddler join the Sydney Free Workshop team on a more permanent basis as demand dictates.

Some Examples of Our Workshop Services

  • Saddle Fitting - Call 01285 655384 to book your saddle fitting consultation or click here
  • Saddle and Bridlework repairs and alterations
  • Made to measure leatherwork
  • Boot repairs
  • New zips
  • Shoe repairs, re-soling, heels, re-dying, patch work
  • Gun case repairs and complete renovation
  • Cartridge bags
  • Gun slings
  • Shooting equipment
  • General leatherwork
  • All aspects of sporting luggage and the list goes on, if you are unsure if we can carry out your job just ask in The Workshop.