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At Sydney Free we want to make sure you have the best knowledge and advice at your finger tips which will enable you to get the most out of your equestrian disciplines and the best care for your horse.

Each month we work in collaboration with well respected riders and equine professionals to bring you an ever growing 'Knowledge Base' of articles to read and learn from.

The articles below are divided in various categories and come from our printed newsletter publications we have produced for our Loyalty Club members since May 2012. If you have a specific question for a writer please do send us your question via email to


Dressage (4 articles), Physiotherapy (4 articles), Eventing (4 articles), Farriery (3 articles), Show Jumping (4 articles), Rider Psychology (4 articles), Embryo Transfer (4 articles)... and counting.


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Chartered Physiotherapist
(MSc Vet Phys, ACPAT CAT A, HPC registered)

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