Gift List Service

Online gift lists are great because you choose what you would like and your friends and family can easily buy items off the list for you. They can even get them delivered direct to you.

Whenever one of your friends or family selects a product from your gift list the product will be removed from the list so no chance of getting 5 of the same items (unless you want to of course).

We hope you enjoy using our gift list service.

How to create a gift list

  1. Sign Up so that you have full access to the website features.
  2. Click on the gift list icon.
  3. Choose a name for your list and a code that you will give to friends and family.
  4. To add products, use the browse product menu, make a choice and click 'Add to Gift List'.
  5. You can review and make changes to your list at any time and check in to see what has been bought.